It’s about driving productivity, controlling costs, and improving the efficiency of resource management. 

The Right People 

We provide staffing for short, long and seasonal project assignments. Our niche gives us an edge over your competitors that we share with you. Be a part of our winning solution and let our people contribute to your bottom line. 

Locating and attracting top talent is more competitive than ever. Our ability to identify and place the right people in the right positions, at the right time is the key to success.

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Per Month

The planning of recruitment is vital to growth and balance. Talent to fill a particular vacancy and maintain proper employee productivity and compliance remains a constant for any growing organization. The big picture means looking at future needs rather than just those of today.

Our stable R&S model offers a designated HR consultant and recruiter  to support your people and liability management requirements. Your predetermined fixed costs are preset. 

Talent Architect & HR Consulting 

Human Resource Specialist





When looking at your company and how it is perceived and ranked one oyou must consider the standards in the organization, company culture, the structure and human and social captialism. Competing in an enviroment with such key talent shortages means the corporate image to the outsider including your taregeted customer is another area that rests in the hands of human capital projects and requirements. 

Our customized R&S  service model gives you more of what you need. Flexibility, Design and Time to focus specifically on the value add areas within your organization. Whethere it's a once a week touch point, onginog project or maximizing talent through develpment, coaching or mentoring you have the opportunity to maximize what you have today. Migrate non generating roles to value add  resources. 

Project Expert




As Needed

DCT Solutions is your risk and liability partner. To ensure checks and balances within the company are compliant and competitive. It is crucial that a company always be on top of labor trends. Requirement forecasting and availability forecasting external and internal factors affect business growth and development planning. Outside the business, pressures such as technological developments, population changes, labor laws and shortages/surpluses in the labor are not a short-term challenges.

Our Pro R&S service arrangement is suited for the business that partners with us for longer term business objectives. This model is best suited for comapnies with small or no internal HR, Payroll or Recruiting expertise. What you require without a hire through our longterm outsource arrangement extends to you everything your business needs without overspending. Establish a cost solution relationship that capitalizes on our expertise when you need it most.

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